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Minnesota Envirothon


Endorsed by the Minnesota Academic League Council


2017 Learning Objectives

  2016 Fact Sheet

  2016 Brochure


State Competition Contacts

Judy Johnston, Stevens SWCD, 320-589-4886

Felicia Brockoff, Carver SWCD, 952-466-5230


2016 Event Information


The 2016 Minnesota State Envirothon was held Monday May 16, 2016, at Lake Bronson State Park, Lake Bronson, MN in northwestern Minnesota.


Congratulations to first place St. Johns Prep!

  Click here for news release and photos of the top 3 teams.


The current issue for 2016 was “Invasive Species: A challenge to the Environment, Economy, and Society.”

  2016 State Envirothon Rules

  2016 Area Envirothon Dates & Locations


2016 North American Envirothon Competition Link:



2016 Resources

resources will be posted here as they become available


  2016 Current Issue and Resources

  Invasive Species

  Oral Presentation









2015 Event Information

The 2015 Minnesota State Envirothon took place Monday, May 18 at the Cloquet Forestry Center.

Congratulations to first place Hopkins High School!

  Click here for news release and photos of the top 3 teams.

  State Event Score Sheet


The current issue for 2015 was “Urban/Community Forestry.”
  Final May 18 Event Schedule

  2015 State Envirothon Rules

  2015 Oral Presentation Scenario

  2015 Oral Presentation Scoresheet

  Previous State Envirothon Winners - 1994 to 2014


  2015 Area Envirothon Dates & Locations

RESOURCE:  conservationwebinars.net



2015 Resources




     current events



2015 Question/Answer Keys




     current events








2014 Event Information

The 2014 Minnesota State Envirothon took place Monday, May 19, at St. John’s University Arboretum in Collegeville, MN.  The first place winning team was from Stillwater MN.

  News Release and Photos of Top 3 Teams

  State Event Score Sheet

  2014 State Envirothon Rules

  2014 Oral Presentation Scenario

  2014 Oral Presentation Scoresheet


2014 Resources




     current events



2014 Question/Answer Keys




     current events


2013 Event Information

The 2013 Minnesota State Envirothon was held Monday, May 20, at St. John’s University Arboretum in Collegeville, MN.  The first place winning team from TrekNorth out of Bemidji went on to compete at the North American Envirothon in Bozeman, Montana August 4-9, 2013.

  Thank you to our 2013 sponsors!

  State Event Score Sheet

  Post-Event News Release

  Photos of Top 3 State Winning Teams

  2013 Oral Presentation Scenario

  2013 Oral Presentation Score Sheet

  2013 State Envirothon Schedule

  2013 State Envirothon Rules

  2013 Area Event Dates, Locations, and Contacts


2013 Resources




           current events



Background on the MN Envirothon


The Envirothon is an outdoor environmental learning competition for high school students. Area competitions are administered by the state's Soil and Water Conservation Districts, in partnership with conservation organizations, educators, and other natural resource agencies.


The Envirothon promotes a desire for students to learn more about Minnesota's natural resources, as well as public policy and roles of government and landowners in managing the state's resources. The program helps students develop critical thinking skills, cooperative problem-solving skills, and decision-making skills.


Schools and teachers benefit by providing a learning opportunity to students who excel in the sciences and ecology. The community and state benefit by having concerned and well-informed citizens who can make good decisions about the environment.


Teams of students compete by visiting five learning stations and taking a 20-point exam on an environmental topic. The topics are:

  • Aquatics,

  • Forestry,

  • Soils,

  • Wildlife, and

  • Current events, which is a new topic each year.

The exams are administered by a local natural resource professional, who also gives the students a brief overview of the topic and explains some of the core concepts. Teams also prepare and give an oral presentation on the current events topic.


Teams compete at an Area Envirothon, and the top 3 teams from each area advance to the State Envirothon.


Junior Envirothon


Many areas also have a Junior Envirothon for students in grades 6-8. Participating students go to all of the same learning stations, but they do not give an oral presentation. Please contact your local Envirothon contact to find out if there is a Junior Envirothon in your area.




The Envirothon program started in 1979 in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Association of Conservation Districts sponsored the program as an outdoor hands-on competition. Minnesota held its first Envirothon in 1993 with 100 students from the Twin Cities area participating. The following year, several Soil and Water Conservation Districts organized area competitions. By 1996, all districts held area competitions. Now, nearly 1,000 students participate throughout the state.


Local/Area Competition


See the MASWCD Area Map to find which area your school is in, and contact the Envirothon Area Coordinator:


Northwest Area 1

Lisa Newton

Marshall SWCD


Jamie Osowski

Kittson SWCD

218-843-2619 x3

Lori Thronson

Norman SWCD


Tanya Billberg

Red Lake SWCD

218-253-2593 x4

Diane Lommel

Wilkin SWCD


West Central Area 2

Judy Johnston

Stevens SWCD


Northeast Area 3

Jill Carlier



Metro Area 4

Felicia Brockoff

Carver SWCD


Southwest Area 5   AND

South Central Area 6

Terry Wittnebel

Lac qui Parle SWCD

320-598-7321 x3

Southeast Area 7

Amanda Gentry

Winona SWCD


Brenda Lageson

Freeborn SWCD

507-373-5607 x 3

North Central Area 8

Corryn Trask, Lake of the Woods SWCD


Anne Oldakowski

Wadena SWCD



2015 Area Envirothon Dates & Locations



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